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A collection of presentation how-to's that may come in handy.

Large-Format Presentation Boxes


Custom anodized aluminum Presentation Boxes for large-format print work are a) strikingly handsome, and b) optimum for long-term archival storage.

Choosing Inserts


There are three standard options for binding print work into Screwpost Binders. While there is no one best solution, each has advantages and disadvantages. The easiest way to decide which inserts are the most appropriate for your presentation is to first rank by importance the following criteria: cost, protection from damage, ease of use, and clarity.

Make it Awesome with Metal Stamping


It's fast, it's inexpensive, it's easy... and it looks amazing. If you're wondering if this might be the right choice for adding a name or brand to your aluminum presentation, give us a call and we'll talk it through.

Archiving Your Work


If you’re an artist, your past work is more than just history, it’s your equity. Maintaining a proper archive of that work is not only a nice thing to do for your grandkids, it also might make you some money.

Style and Content


Your portfolio is a reflection of who you are as a person, as an artist, and as a professional. Just as you should give careful consideration to the outfit you wear to an important presentation, you should also carefully plan how you want to package your work.

Adding a Custom Look and Feel


Back in the old days (the 2000s), getting your name or logo printed on your portfolio was a big hassle and expense. These days, it can be done fairly easily and cheaply. The question is, should you have your identity on the outside of your work.

Packaging Your Art Portfolio


There are lots of ways to present printed artwork. Choose the one that best suits your style, your work, and your audience.

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