Why Presentation Matters

I’ll keep this short and sweet: It may sound counterintuitive, but this is the golden age of print. Putting your ideas on paper and presenting them in a tangible, enduring and attention-grabbing way is the only path to stand out and be noticed in a world dominated by digital.

I had the pleasure recently of working with the marketing team from a mid-sized firm in the aviation industry.  Their goal was to put together an unforgettable presentation to win a major airport contract. Together, we created a magical blend of printed work and packaging to be sent to all of the decision makers at the airport. The project was not without challenges, but it ended with a two-word text from the client: "We won!" I love being a part of these success stories, and I want to be a part of yours.

Tim Mullen
Founder, Pina Zangaro

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