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Who should I contact about returning a product?

In the event that you need to return a Pina Zangaro product, contact the retailer where you made the purchase. If you purchased the product from us, see our returns policy.

Only packages bearing the proper Return Authorization Code can be accepted at our receiving door.

How many pages can I fit in my Screwpost Binder?

Theoretically, you could extend the capacity of your Screwpost Binder indefinitely. Our Screwpost Binders include posts to accommodate up to 25 inserts (50 sides). Use our screwpost pack to increase capacity.

Are your products eco-friendly?

See our Environmental Policies for more info on this topic, but in short, all of our products are at minimum recyclable and many are made of renewable and/or recyclable materials. All of the aluminum we use, for example, has post-consumer and post-industrial content, and can be 100% recycled. The acrylics we use are totally recyclable as is most of the packaging we use. For more detailed information about the environmental attributes of any specific product we make, give us a jingle.

What is the best way to keep my Pina Zangaro product looking good?

In general, your portfolio's worst enemies are sunlight, heat, humidity, dust and abrasion. Keeping your book away from those five foes will make it last forever. Use one of our Jackets, or come up with your own defenses.

Where do you make this stuff anyway?

We make all of our products in the USA. What is not manufactured in our Petaluma, California facility is made for us by our manufacturing partners across the US. We do this because quality, speed and reliability are important to us, as is minimizing the product miles on our goods. Offshore manufacturing has never been able to provide us with all of those qualities.

I see that you refer to "format" and "dimensions" on the site. What's the difference?

By "format" we mean the document size and orientation, while "dimensions" refer to the actual size of the product.

Where can I buy old Pina Zangaro products if I don't see them on your site?

It is possible that some of our discontinued products are available through our Authorized Resellers. Call us and we'll point you in the right direction.

Do the books fit inside the boxes?

Generally speaking, the boxes we make were not designed to hold our binders. They will, however, accommodate binders of smaller dimensions provided that you don't mind the book moving around inside the box, or use a foam insert to hold the book in place.

All of our products are made in the USA and are 100% quality-guaranteed.

With a huge inventory of ready-to-customize products, we ship fast — with free ground shipping on orders over $250!