Discover Debossing!

Create an unforgettable impression by adding a Debossing of your name or logo to your presentation. Standard turnaround is just seven days, while expedited is four days. The imprint is subtle yet impossible to ignore.

How It Works

Add imprinting to your order, and send us your artwork. Simple and easy.

1. Add Imprinting to Your Order

When selecting your product choose the imprinting technique that you would like to use — Laser Etching, Color Imprinting, Debossing, or Metal Stamping.

2. Prepare Your Artwork

Prepare your artwork using the following guidelines.


Compatible Products Bex, Potrero, Varenna
Supported File Types .ai, .eps, .psd, .tiff, .pdf
Set file color to: 100% CMYK Black
Size Restrictions 4” x 8”
Resolution 600dpi or vector art
Fonts Minimum 30 pt, need space (kearning) between each letter/shape, convert text to outlines (vector art)
Typical Problems Artwork that is too small, detailed, close together or condensed fonts

Preparing Vector Files

  • Convert all fonts to outlines, so font becomes a text shape.
  • Embedded images need to be a minimum of 350dpi.

Preparing Image Files

  • Minimum resolution is 350 dpi
  • For files larger than 15mb please use Hightail or DropBox.
  • Embedded images need to be a minimum of 350dpi for laser etching and color imprinting, and 600dpi for debossing.

Artwork Placement Templates

Artwork placement templates are also available (as PDF) for exact placement of your artwork on the product.

3. Submit Your Artwork

Email your artwork to, with the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Telephone Number
  • Name of Retailer (if purchased from another retailer)
  • Order Number or Date of Purchase
  • Product Name
  • Type of Imprinting (Laser Etching, Color Imprinting, Debossing, or Metal Stamping)
  • Instructions on where the artwork should be placed (not required if using template)

4. Approve the Proof

Before printing, we will send you a proof for you to confirm, we will begin creating order once we have approval.

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